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Uttarakhand is home of more than two Lacs Ex-Servicemen (ESM) and more than one lac serving soldiers out of a population of approximately 101 Lacs. Thus there exists a reservoir of human resource which is well trained, highly disciplined, patriotic and singularly motivated to contribute towards the cause of development of the State and to a ensure dignified living for them. Against this backdrop the Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Limited (UPNL) came into being. It is a Govt of Uttarakhand Undertaking, incorporated on 01st March 2004 under Companies Act, 1956. It is also Empanelled with Director General Resettlement, Ministry of Defense, New Delhi with an objective to provide employment/self employment to Ex-Servicemen (ESM) and their dependents.

UPNL acts as a contractor on behalf of ESM and bids for security contracts in Central Public Sector Corporations, State Public Sector Corporations and in private sector as well. Emoluments paid, placement of ESM is contract oriented and location specific. For work in Munsiari, ESM of area surrounding Munsiari are placed. As per experience no body from Dehradun would go to Munsiari. UPNL charges nothing from ESM for providing jobs to them and their dependents. UPNL fulfills all the statutory obligations like EPF contribution, Gratuity, Bonus and ESI. It deposits service tax regularly. Till this day 40 families of ESM who died while on being with UPNL have been granted family pension.

UPNL is also a placement agency for Govt of Uttarakhand. Salary in Govt of Uttarakhand is fixed as per contractual rates laid down by Govt of Uttarakhand and revised once a year. UPNL is allowed placement of ESM and their dependents in the categories Ka, Kha & Ga only however a revision in the process is under consideration. UPNL is also a placement agency for other categories of jobs and for private sector as well. Under this clause it can place anybody even doctors. It short lists names obtained from employment exchanges (district employment exchange) or puts an advertisement. UPNL then sponsors candidates. Selection is the prerogative of the Principal Employer. UPNL also places people for whom Govt gives orders like people who have given their land to hospitals, schools, hydropower projects and so on. These are verified by Govt and sent.

As per the policy of Govt of Uttrakhand as notified vide GO No 158-XVII/09(17)/2004 dt 04 August 2004 and GO No 900/XVII(i)-3/05-09(102)/05 dated 24 May 2005, all department/corporation have to take contractual employees from UPNL.

Salary of employees is fixed by the Govt of Uttrakhand and notified in their GO. The latest GO is 323/XVII-3/13-09(17)/2004 dated 12 Jun 2013. .